No Sleep 'til Absalom

Bad luck in the desert

And a mold problem in the basement.

The adventurers report to the Pathfinder Great Hall in Absalom and are inducted into the Society. Each recieve a wayfinder, a signature calling card of Society members, and are asked to go to Katapesh to assist a Merchant Princess there named Almah Roveshki.

Once in Katapesh, the adventurers meet with Garavel, the majordomo of Almah’s house, and they travel for weeks through the desert in order to meet up with Almah’s party. When they arrive, they find the camp ablaze after the Astrologer’s wagon ignites. While the adventurers work quickly to douse the flames, over half of the party’s camels are lost.

A quick investigation reveals that a nearby infestation of Pugwampi, fey minions of the Gnolls, has infected the camp with bad luck, although a Cyclone card fluttering from the wagon and striking Dervel in the chest portends more than simple critter magic at work in the region.

Almah reveals that her ultimate goal is to retake the battle market of Kelmarane, a few miles to the north. Her family once controlled the town and the valuable trade hub it was built around, but was captured by a Gnoll expedition from the Pale Mountain several decades ago. In order to restore the party’s luck, as well as to establish a base of operations for the assault, Almah asks the party to clear out the nearby ruined church of Sarenae (now home to the Pugwampi) on a hill overlooking Kelmarane that has significant tactical importance.

The adventurers wipe out a small tribe of Pugwampi within the church. The church itself is heavily decorated with tales of the Templars of the Five Winds; most prominent is the janni Vardishal, who is a local saint of Sarenae and was granted immortality by a powerful djinni named Nefeshti. The Pale Mountain also figures prominently in the sculptures, as well as a powerful djinni you assume to be Nefeshti, who is in conflict with a third mysterious figure.

In the basement of the church, the adventurers discover a mostly intact alchemy lab, where a strange green mold attaches itself to Keku, who begins frantically digging within the courtyard. After a few minutes, she pulls an ancient, beautifully detailed rapier from the ground and, once regaining control of herself, begins to drink heavily.

Almah’s Party:
Almah – Merchant Princess of Katapesh (equivalent to a minor noble)
Garavel – Almah’s majordomo
Pactmaster Guard – Elite soldiers assigned to protect Almah (and possibly to keep an eye on her.)
Mercenary Guard – Hired by Almah, these are local mercenaries and quite rough around the edges compared to the elite Pactmasters.
Dashki – A local guide hired by Almah — renowned for his expertise on Gnoll culture.
Z-something – A cleric of Nethys and the party’s healer and alchemist.


GOLD AWARDED: 50gp (each)


  • Mysterious Rapier
  • Pathfinder Wayfinder (each player)
  • Ring of Feather Fall


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