No Sleep 'til Absalom

Disturbances in the Vale

Missing children, mercenaries on the prowl, and a darkness moving in the depths.

Each year the Warden of the Vale takes the children of Falcon’s Hollow on a ranging, to teach them the dangers of the forest. This has been something of a tradition for many years, since the darkness rose and the children were barred from even approaching the treeline. It was deemed important that they get over their fears, since so many would end up working among the trees themselves. It is therefore seen as an important and sacred tradition.

Ten days ago Kieran, the aging Warden, and twelve of the town’s children (each aged 13, just about to come of age) set out into the forest. They carried supplies for seven days, and were expected to return in five. Among the group were several children of consortium lumberjacks, along with Keiran’s own daughter. The children were scared but excited nevertheless, ready to see for themselves what they had always been warned of.

They have not been heard from since.

Keiran’s wife, a local healer and alchemist, fussed over the group before they left, providing them with numerous healing potions, poultices, splints and bandages in hopes of keeping them safe. Each of the children carried basic adventuring gear (7 days’ rations, rope, a hatchet, an oiled leather tarp, a bedroll, and some water.)

Early on their third night in the woods, just north of the ruins of an old halfway house (a prison / forced labor camp for the lumber consortium) they were set upon by a band of kobolds and wolves, including one particularly large wolf. Kieran was overwhelmed and slain by the large wolf, despite killing five kobolds. The children (along with the bodies of the slain kobolds) were taken away. Kieran’s body was left to rot, along with his family’s magical longbow and a gleaming masterwork shortsword, freshly forged and hardly used, save for the caked and dried black blood of those he took with him to the grave.

The kobolds have retreated to their lair beneath the ruins of the Dwarven monastery at Droskar’s Crag, through the forest to the north.


A spirit of the forest, appearing as a beautiful maiden clad in living foliage, appears to the adventurers and requests their help against the increasingly aggressive incursions of the Lumber Consortium. The adventurers discover that the Consortium has hired powerful mages to help clear the forest of fey, and have passed that information along to the beautiful spirit. They seem quite pleased to have the knowledge, but have not shared their plan with the adventurers.





  • Masterwork Shortsword
  • Troll Bone Club (see description)
  • Lash of the Vale (see description)
  • Horn of the Vale (see description)
  • Bondurant Family Bow (see description)
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (x3)


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