No Sleep 'til Absalom

Droskar's Crucible Level 2 / 3

The adventurers delve into the stinkiest depths of the Kobold warrens and rescue the last child from the tribe’s cruel sorcerer-shaman. Six of the twelve children who had set out with Kiernan nine days earlier survived the ordeal. Some, such as Jurin Campbell, the son of the consortium boss, seem permanently traumatized. Others, especially Kimi Creed, daughter of the consortium’s chief ranger, seem to have risen to the occasion nobly.

They return to town, however, under the shadow of a supernatural fire that seems to have consumed the eastern part of the forest around the lumber consortium headquarters. They encountered many burned and wounded survivors of the battle returning to Falcon’s Hollow, and no sign of the fey, although the spirit of the forest clearly seemed pleased with the situation.

No doubt Kimi Creed will be heading to the woods to find her father — but the adventurers know nothing about what’s happened at the camp or if the battle is even settled…

[I want to call a do-over on the part where you return Jurin to his dad. I didn’t have anything ready for that, due to you guys pretty much aceing that last bit of dungeon.]

XP AWARDED: 1266 + 500 (quest)


GOLD AWARDED: 3000 gp and gems

(This should mean total party gold was 4624 (770 each) before you went to the shop, where you spent all your gems and 2000 gold. This would leave each of you with 437 gp. Yiyi to make things easier I’ll just say that’s how much it cost to get your armor refitted. If my math is wrong please let me know!)


  • Heartseeker Blade
  • Cloak of Resistance +2
  • +1 Battleaxe
  • +1 Spear of Shocking
  • Masterwork Mithril Breastplate (Ancient)
  • Masterwork Pick & Mithril Climbing Harness (Ancient)
  • Masterwork Longspear (Ancient)
  • Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield (Ancient)
  • Masterwork Dwarven Waraxe (Ancient)
  • Holy Symbol of Droskar (Anvil)


  • Headband of Charisma +2 (All gems)
  • Black Fly Figurine (2000gp)


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