No Sleep 'til Absalom

Final Confrontation in the Darkwood Vale

And Vug gets hit in the face some more.

The adventurers return Jurin Campbell to his father, who in return gives them a reward and a grilling about their involvement in the disaster that befell the attack on the fey. Once convinced their role was fully benevolent, he offers the adventurers a job. He and the Consortium feel that the Iron Lotus didn’t live up to their end of the bargain, unaware of the sabotage and mistakenly believing that the defensive wards they provided failed to withstand the fey magic. He asks the players to go to Absalom, to the vault at the center of the Iron Lotus school, and retrieve the collateral the Consortium provided. It should be a stack or folio of parchment — shares in the Consortium worth about 30% of its value. He offers you 500pp each for the job, payable upon delivery at the Consortium office in Absalom’s docks district.

Kimi Creed, waiting outside the Consortium compound, cajoles the adventurers into making one last jaunt into the Darkwood Vale to help rescue her father, Rolo Creed, who hasn’t been seen since the height of the battle. They head through the forest a second time with Kimi leading the way, who proves to be a capable fighter and guide. She leads them straight to the mysterious lake at the center of the wood, and they confront the spirit of the forest, who claims to have captured Rolo as a prize.

The fey spirit beguiles the adventurers through a portal in the lake surface into a mysterious wilderness seemingly existing parallel to the world they know. They begin to parley with her, but once she flippantly reveals that the fey were responsible for massacring the orc village, Vug flies into a rage and nearly takes the nymph’s head off. The nymph immediately sends them back through the boundary into the material world, at middle of the lake, where a freshwater summoning battle occurs. Keku’s dolphin and octopus prove scrappy and capable against the nymph’s prehistoric predator fish, who nevertheless get a few of Dervel’s fingers. With Kimi peppering her with arrows from her enchanted bow, the nymph makes one last savage grab for Vug, desperately trying to drown her. Vug drives her sword clean through the body of the creature, sending it back to its realm forever.

Returning to Falcon’s Hollow yet again, they encounter a mage of the Iron Lotus who seemed to be following the path of stars and would fixate on shiny things. They return him to town under the care of Aleera, who suspects his intellect was drained by a spell of some kind.

The adventurers also met Roger Hammersmith, a Pathfinder Venture Captain, who arrived in town amidst a small celebration just as they were returning Rolo. He wrote down the chronicle of their adventure and asked them to return it to the Pathfinder Grand Lodge, in Absalom. He also mentioned something about joining the Pathfinder Society.

The ogre was never reported again, presumably having returned to wherever he had been summoned from.


GOLD AWARDED: 1,000gp (each)


BWAHAHHA! Die nymph die!!!

Now that Vug’s life’s mission is complete (after just 5 or so sessions), she falls into a deep depression and takes to the drink. When Tross, the handsome half-orc Paladin, announces his decision to leave the party and devote his life to training young would-be warriors, Vug’s heart breaks a little more. Before parting ways, she, in a hormonal drunken stupor, attempts to seduce Tross in the desperate hope that he will plant the seed of a little orcling warrior in her womb so that she won’t have to live the rest of her days alone……….T_T

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