No Sleep 'til Absalom

Kelmarane: Day one

"Scouting" Kelmarane

Once Almah’s party is settled into the ruined church of Sarenae, she convenes a meeting. Her plan is to scout Kelmarane in order to get an idea of its tactical situation, since she suspects that a frontal assault would be easily thwarted. The battle market is as much fortress as it is a market, and they are badly outnumbered by the Gnoll tribe in the area.

She asks the adventurers to do what they can to get an idea of the disposition of the Gnolls, using her own guard and mercenaries as reserves and a watch within the Church. Dervel and Vug fly over the city on the back of his obsidian fly, but can see little in the waning light. What they do see, however, is more humans than they would’ve expected, including some humans and gnolls working a field of cacti that lays between the church and Kelmarane, as well as several caravans heading north from Kelmarane towards the Pale Mountain, protected by a fort overlooking the route from a steep cliffside.

Returning to the church, Vug and Dervel lay out a plan to head north at night to attempt to capture one of the caravans. The adventurers set out, passing through the field of cacti, which Dashki reveals to be a field of Pesh, the local narcotic from which Katapesh gets its name. The adventurers head east, attempting to avoid the fort to the northwest, and cross the river, discovering a partially-buried shrine to Nethys, god of magic. Forgetting the plan about caravans, they delve into the shrine and ultimately encounter an insane human in the tattered rags of ancient nobility. He babbles something about his homeland of Ibeq before transforming into a human-leopard hybrid and attacking the party. While being brutally dismembered, he bites Vug deeply on the shoulder.

While the insane man is bleeding out on the floor, Dervel plunges his strange ritual dagger into the man’s chest, removing his heart, and once he speaks a command word his eyes cloud over. Dervel tells the party that three caravans leave Kelmarane each day, headed north to the Pale Mountain.




  • Mysterious Punching Dagger
  • Brass Scarab of Open/Close
  • Something else I think, I should stop doing these at work

SCOUTING RESULT: Not a whole lot. There are humans around Kelmarane, possibly involved in the black market Pesh trade. Three caravans leave Kelmarane each day for the Pale Mountain. The tactical disposition of the Gnolls is quite strong.


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